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Who We are At Village – our History

Sometimes I look around at the salon and I wonder how it all happened, how did so many years go by?

As a young girl I dreamed of owning many different kinds of businesses, a law firm, a private detective firm, a clothing store and during university an Archaeological consulting firm.  Never had I thought of owning a hair salon until I was unemployable after university having decided that Archaeology was not really for me.  My Mom sat me down and said why don’t you get your hairdressing license and then you can own a salon.

During school my Mom, sister and I had worked at a friends’ family business called House of Masters.  We sold and serviced amazing hairpieces to men and some women from all over the world.  Our friend and our boss Ben Petersen was a great barber and he turned that skill into a multimillion dollar hair piecing business by giving people back the confidence they lost when they lost their hair.  I was not really interested in hair pieces but there was something in me that sparked at the idea of the art of dressing hair!  I quickly enrolled at Bruno’s School of Hair Design and got down to business.

A year later I was working for Andre Trudeau of Andre Trudeau Coiffure and he told me that he was moving to South East Asia with his partner and the salon was for sale.  Was I interested?  Umm, let me think for a millisecond – Yes!!  I had not yet finished my license hours but the law states that you may own a salon provided there is one person with a valid license.  Yeah, I was on my way.  Agh wait you want money for the salon……

I get teary eyed when I think of my next phone call to my parents.  “Mom, Dad, Andre is selling the salon and I want to buy it. ”  Their unbelievable response was “how much do you need?”  There is no way to repay that kind of belief.

Little did my mother know that my dream kinda indentured her to many years of service!  She is not a stylist, nor does she want to be one.  But she has worn many hats.  Counsellor, receptionist, hot water maker when the hot water tank breaks down, financier, loan officer and thanks to me, proud owner of a family hair salon business.

Fast forward almost 23 year.  We are still in business and doing better than ever.  We have an amazing team led by my talented sister Shannon Bartlett, my amazing mother, Marg Bartlett and me Cindy!  Keep in touch to learn more about us through my blog posts!!

Featured post

Arctic Blonde on Black Hair


When you are working with hair this dark patience is your friend.  Make sure in your consultation that your client understands that they will be with you for a while! First I foiled out fine, thin slices with Framesi Decolour Blonding powder and 30 vol.  I let it process at room temperature for 75 minutes until I reached a level 9.  We toned with Eclectic Demi Permanent 9CT and left this on for about 10 minutes and washed it out with Tressa Watercolours Silver.  For home care we recommended using Tressa Watercolours to keep the Arctic look to the blonde highlights.  Click on Village Hair Studio to learn more about how we do things!

Combing Out Your Curls

2017-09-11 14.18.24


Curls can be tricky.  They start out too curly and then can droop through the evening.  So how do we stop this from happening?  Prepping the hair is the first step.  At Village Hair Studio we use Living Proof Primer first to get hair ready to look awesome.  What we choose next depends on the hair type.  Some of our more popular choices are Sebastian’s Mousse Forte, Living Proof Blow Out Spray, and for super fine hair Living Proof Timeless Plumping Mousse. From there we go on to blow out and if necessary use a hot tool to finish the style.  In the example above we used a medium sized ceramic brush alternating heat and cool for each section.  This will set the hair nicely.  If the curls are too curly we always recommend using a comb to loose the curl instead of your hands.  Hands will have oil and product residue that can be detrimental to the longevity of your style.  The sure way to have your curls and style stay in all day and night is to visit any of our talented stylists at Village.


Perfect Pixie

2017-10-13 13.17.52

What does a perfect pixie look like to you?

For this particular client it means not having to blow dry her hair.  For me it means not leaving lines in her crazy fine hair and keeping those lines soft and pretty.  To do this cut I will alternate between two different types of scissors, my 6 inch long blades and my traditional thinning shears and I will also use a razor.  With the razor I will use two different techniques by cutting the hair palm to palm and also over the fingers.

If you have watched me do this cut you will see that I don’t actually do the same thing each and every time.  I will do a full analysis each time she sits in my chair and generally there will be something that has grown out differently from the time before.

Short cuts require a lot of maintenance and there is not that much hair to cut so your analysis needs to be spot on.

Remember the client pays us for what we leave on the head not what we leave on the floor!!

Why I like being an Educator for Kadus.

kadus in good hands

One of my core beliefs is that continuing education can put you in the top 25% of your industry.  At the Village Hair Studio we have committed to ongoing learning either in the salon, off site at shows and classes, through books and from each other on a daily basis.  This practice aligns nicely with Kadus‘ approach to support and education (check out the app for proof).

Kadus has recently launched a freehand, claybased blonding powder called Blondes Unlimited.  This product is perfect for  today’s ballayage and ombre looks but also works for more traditional freehand highlighting.

As  human beings we are often afraid to try new things and Kadus Demo days at Cosmoprof stores is an opportunity for stylists to get their hands into a new way to ballayage in a fear free, judgement free zone ( my learning and teaching environments are always judgment free – just like my gym!).

I am lucky enough to be part of the team that is bringing Blonds Unlimited to stylists in Canada.   Our Demo Days are hands on with one on one instruction.  Customers can try their hand at ballayage either before or after they shop for their supplies, they can spend 5 minutes or 30 or even the whole morning if they choose, whatever feels right.

Why do I like this so much?  It’s fun, manequins never complain and ruin my 5 star google rating, and I learn so much from other people.  It’s amazing the kind of energy that is created when a group of stylists hang out and learn something new.  We all come out better for it.

From Red to Brown

When doing colour changes like this it is important to know what your client loves best about their hair.  For this client it is her length so when we talk about radical color changes we always need to address the long term effect on her hair because we want to keep as much length as possible.  When we first  went red she was coming from Framesi demi -permanent colour that we would do 2 – 3 times per year, with semi – regular trims and treatments.  Her hair was in pretty good shape thanks to Olaplex.  To make the red as vibrant as she wanted we needed to go with a permanent color, Framesi 2001, with a shampoo cocktail and treatment preceeding it.  The transition from red to brown was similar in that we first shampoo cock-tailed the hair to remove red – we had to do this two times on zone 1.  The red left the mid-shaft and ends fairly easily.  The brown was achieved with a level 3 Framesi demi permanent color, hair cut and treatment.  And Voila – beautiful long hair!!IMG_3352

Owner Profile – Shannon Bartlett

The most important thing that you need to know about Shannon is that she is my sister!  I consider myself most fortunate to be able to  work with her knowing that she always supports me.  Although we have very different styles of leading and managing we have the same goal – to make Village Hair Studio the best place to work and the best place to get your hair done.

Shannon is a very smart business woman.  She is also a very talented hairdresser who gave up being behind the chair to devote herself to the administration of the salon.  It is very rare in our business to have an owners behind the chair and  at the front desk.  We feel this business model allows us to customize the team experience.  The better we can take care of our team the better they can take care of their clients.  We are firm believers that a great work environment will foster creativity and long-term happiness.  Success does not bring happiness but happiness brings success!!  This is a principle we use to make all of our decisions.

Shannon is always on the lookout for new and exciting services that we can add to our menu.  Over a decade ago she wanted Village Hair Studio to be the best salon for extensions.  She has personally worked with and coached our extension artists Sebastian Raya and Heather Kennedy.  We now offer several different types of extensions and are a key Great Lengths extension salon.

Shannon also realized early on that eyelash extensions were an area that clients were interested in.  For 5 years now she has coached Brandy Eberhardt to create amazing eyelash extensions that are far superior than what is out there now.  Brandy has been trained to visually change the way others see the shape of your eyes by customizing your eyelashes.  We have over 50 choices in length, color and curvature that can be used to do for your face what a great hair cut can do!

Shannon also does a lot of research into products so that our team can confidently use and recommend anything in the salon knowing that what we choose to work with is carefully curated with the highest standards.

Shannon’s business accomplishments are far too great to list in a short blog post but I believe the long-term success of Village Hair Studio stands as a testament to her love of our business and her own personal success.


Trending Now

This fall and winter we see some strong trends continuing. For blondes we are seeing lots of golden hues mixed with pops of pastels. Long hair is still going strong but mermaid hair is now shoulder length. We have always maintained that the easiest way to make a big impact and cut the least amount of hair is with a fringe. This season we see the fringe making a comeback. It’s been a while since we have seen a lot of fringe with long hair but it softens the look making it easier to wear. Short hair never really goes out of style but to change it up we are focusing on the front with highlights, often in pastel and vivid shades. One trend that seems to infuse all lengths of hair is a flatter crown. We often see this paired with a stronger fringe and more movement through the sides of the hair. Remember, the trends are only guides. As your hairstylist it is our job to interpret and distill the runways looks for everyday wear.  

Trends are fun and important to keeping your look fresh but there is also a very strong argument to be made for wearing a classic style.  You need look no further than Anna Wintour the Editor of Vogue magazine.  She wears her hair in a classic bob that is always fresh and looks great on her.  Hair can be your signature and if you are interested in learning more about how then we will be happy to help.


We are so excited to announce our newly discounted price list on our lash fill services!  We are still offering the same great service, with the  same quality products but for much less.  Lash fills and associated prices are as follows;

             Natural Beauty Fill (most natural set of lashes) must be within 4 weeks of last lash service $30.00

                            Socialite Fill (medium set of lashes) must be within 3 weeks of last lash service $45.00

                      Bombshell Fill (full and boldest set of lashes) must be within 3 weeks of last lash service $75.00

                  We are also offering microdermabrasion facial treatments available Dec, 1 2016.  This treatment takes only 20 minutes and leaves your skin refreshed, glowing and beautiful.  Microdermabrasion gently removes the top outer layer of your skin, it is basically an exfoliating skin rejuvenating procedure.  It helps with scarring, discolouration, sun damage and fine lines.  We just feel that perfect lashes and beautiful skin should hold hands.  We are still working out the prices for this treatment but we will be offering it substantially discounted than other salons and spa’s.  If you are interested in further information on any of these services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (905) 542-9555.

Extensions for Everyone

Contributor – Heather Kennedy

I have been doing extensions for 10 years and I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing companies and training centres.  When you are looking for an immediate change extensions are a great option.  Even if your extension budget is only $100.00 that is enough to have a different look.  Extensions are a great solution for length but they also add a lot of volume to hair and are a great way to add color without any damage.  Because I have access to many types of extensions from Global Best, customized clip ins, hot fusion,micro-links  and braid in tracks I can create a look for everyone.

Sometimes you may be only looking for a subtle change and sometimes you may want bombshell hair.  The possibilities are endless with extensions!!  That’s why I love them so much and have dedicated myself to them.

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