Trending Now

This fall and winter we see some strong trends continuing. For blondes we are seeing lots of golden hues mixed with pops of pastels. Long hair is still going strong but mermaid hair is now shoulder length. We have always maintained that the easiest way to make a big impact and cut the least amount of hair is with a fringe. This season we see the fringe making a comeback. It’s been a while since we have seen a lot of fringe with long hair but it softens the look making it easier to wear. Short hair never really goes out of style but to change it up we are focusing on the front with highlights, often in pastel and vivid shades. One trend that seems to infuse all lengths of hair is a flatter crown. We often see this paired with a stronger fringe and more movement through the sides of the hair. Remember, the trends are only guides. As your hairstylist it is our job to interpret and distill the runways looks for everyday wear.  

Trends are fun and important to keeping your look fresh but there is also a very strong argument to be made for wearing a classic style.  You need look no further than Anna Wintour the Editor of Vogue magazine.  She wears her hair in a classic bob that is always fresh and looks great on her.  Hair can be your signature and if you are interested in learning more about how then we will be happy to help.