2017-10-13 13.17.52

What does a perfect pixie look like to you?

For this particular client it means not having to blow dry her hair.  For me it means not leaving lines in her crazy fine hair and keeping those lines soft and pretty.  To do this cut I will alternate between two different types of scissors, my 6 inch long blades and my traditional thinning shears and I will also use a razor.  With the razor I will use two different techniques by cutting the hair palm to palm and also over the fingers.

If you have watched me do this cut you will see that I don’t actually do the same thing each and every time.  I will do a full analysis each time she sits in my chair and generally there will be something that has grown out differently from the time before.

Short cuts require a lot of maintenance and there is not that much hair to cut so your analysis needs to be spot on.

Remember the client pays us for what we leave on the head not what we leave on the floor!!