The North American Hairdresser of the Year , NAHA’s, is an elite competition that only the best compete in.  To make sure I had a winning collection the first person I wanted on my team was Paula Tedesco.  She and I have worked together for so many years that she can almost finish my thoughts! To back us up with her fantastic extension work and determination we added Heather Kennedy to the mix.  To round things out I asked Giancarlo Intini to be my Artistic Director.  He is amazing and handles all the details so that I could concentrate on the hair.  We had such a great time shooting together in 2009 that I had to work with him and his team again.  Sure enough this team had what it took to create a Finalist Collection.

This look was inspired by the grasses that grow in my backyard and change from green to gold in the fall.  I really wanted to capture the texture at the bottom of the grasses and the movement in the top of the grasses.  The colour is Wella Blondor 20 volume and toned with 9/01 Color Touch for 20 minutes and washed with Tressa Watercolors Violet shampoo.  To create the texture along the front hairline I pulled her hair through a rug hooking mat which I cut and sewed custom to the shape of her head.  She bravely lived through the pain of me pulling her hair through the holes.  How nice was that?  Laura, the model, is a dancer, marketing executive and most importantly a singer, songwriter and storyteller.  You can listen to her beautiful artistry at  Photo credit and Artistic Director credit goes to Giancarlo Intini and Richard Dubois.




In this look I was trying to create the most texture possible on very straight, fine hair.  As in the first picture, I wanted to incorporate texture and the sense of movement and energy.  First I set Janet’s hair in hair pins by wrapping small sections in a figure eight then flat ironing with Redken Hot Sets.  We used over 80 hair pins for her hair.    Janet’s colour is Wella Koleston Perfect 4/71 + 10 volume.  Her highlights are Wella Blondor 20 volume and toned with 1/2 8/43 + 1/2  8/71 Color Touch.  Janet has modelled for me before and she brings an awesome energy to the set.  She has also worked with Giancarlo Intini and Richard Dubois on many photo shoots.  Janet Parsons is a wonderful model, yoga teacher and artist.