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Curls can be tricky.  They start out too curly and then can droop through the evening.  So how do we stop this from happening?  Prepping the hair is the first step.  At Village Hair Studio we use Living Proof Primer first to get hair ready to look awesome.  What we choose next depends on the hair type.  Some of our more popular choices are Sebastian’s Mousse Forte, Living Proof Blow Out Spray, and for super fine hair Living Proof Timeless Plumping Mousse. From there we go on to blow out and if necessary use a hot tool to finish the style.  In the example above we used a medium sized ceramic brush alternating heat and cool for each section.  This will set the hair nicely.  If the curls are too curly we always recommend using a comb to loose the curl instead of your hands.  Hands will have oil and product residue that can be detrimental to the longevity of your style.  The sure way to have your curls and style stay in all day and night is to visit any of our talented stylists at Village.