kadus in good hands

One of my core beliefs is that continuing education can put you in the top 25% of your industry.  At the Village Hair Studio we have committed to ongoing learning either in the salon, off site at shows and classes, through books and from each other on a daily basis.  This practice aligns nicely with Kadus‘ approach to support and education (check out the app for proof).

Kadus has recently launched a freehand, claybased blonding powder called Blondes Unlimited.  This product is perfect for  today’s ballayage and ombre looks but also works for more traditional freehand highlighting.

As  human beings we are often afraid to try new things and Kadus Demo days at Cosmoprof stores is an opportunity for stylists to get their hands into a new way to ballayage in a fear free, judgement free zone ( my learning and teaching environments are always judgment free – just like my gym!).

I am lucky enough to be part of the team that is bringing Blonds Unlimited to stylists in Canada.   Our Demo Days are hands on with one on one instruction.  Customers can try their hand at ballayage either before or after they shop for their supplies, they can spend 5 minutes or 30 or even the whole morning if they choose, whatever feels right.

Why do I like this so much?  It’s fun, manequins never complain and ruin my 5 star google rating, and I learn so much from other people.  It’s amazing the kind of energy that is created when a group of stylists hang out and learn something new.  We all come out better for it.