When doing colour changes like this it is important to know what your client loves best about their hair.  For this client it is her length so when we talk about radical color changes we always need to address the long term effect on her hair because we want to keep as much length as possible.  When we first  went red she was coming from Framesi demi -permanent colour that we would do 2 – 3 times per year, with semi – regular trims and treatments.  Her hair was in pretty good shape thanks to Olaplex.  To make the red as vibrant as she wanted we needed to go with a permanent color, Framesi 2001, with a shampoo cocktail and treatment preceeding it.  The transition from red to brown was similar in that we first shampoo cock-tailed the hair to remove red – we had to do this two times on zone 1.  The red left the mid-shaft and ends fairly easily.  The brown was achieved with a level 3 Framesi demi permanent color, hair cut and treatment.  And Voila – beautiful long hair!!IMG_3352