Sometimes I look around at the salon and I wonder how it all happened, how did so many years go by?

As a young girl I dreamed of owning many different kinds of businesses, a law firm, a private detective firm, a clothing store and during university an Archaeological consulting firm.  Never had I thought of owning a hair salon until I was unemployable after university having decided that Archaeology was not really for me.  My Mom sat me down and said why don’t you get your hairdressing license and then you can own a salon.

During school my Mom, sister and I had worked at a friends’ family business called House of Masters.  We sold and serviced amazing hairpieces to men and some women from all over the world.  Our friend and our boss Ben Petersen was a great barber and he turned that skill into a multimillion dollar hair piecing business by giving people back the confidence they lost when they lost their hair.  I was not really interested in hair pieces but there was something in me that sparked at the idea of the art of dressing hair!  I quickly enrolled at Bruno’s School of Hair Design and got down to business.

A year later I was working for Andre Trudeau of Andre Trudeau Coiffure and he told me that he was moving to South East Asia with his partner and the salon was for sale.  Was I interested?  Umm, let me think for a millisecond – Yes!!  I had not yet finished my license hours but the law states that you may own a salon provided there is one person with a valid license.  Yeah, I was on my way.  Agh wait you want money for the salon……

I get teary eyed when I think of my next phone call to my parents.  “Mom, Dad, Andre is selling the salon and I want to buy it. ”  Their unbelievable response was “how much do you need?”  There is no way to repay that kind of belief.

Little did my mother know that my dream kinda indentured her to many years of service!  She is not a stylist, nor does she want to be one.  But she has worn many hats.  Counsellor, receptionist, hot water maker when the hot water tank breaks down, financier, loan officer and thanks to me, proud owner of a family hair salon business.

Fast forward almost 23 year.  We are still in business and doing better than ever.  We have an amazing team led by my talented sister Shannon Bartlett, my amazing mother, Marg Bartlett and me Cindy!  Keep in touch to learn more about us through my blog posts!!