The most important thing that you need to know about Shannon is that she is my sister!  I consider myself most fortunate to be able to  work with her knowing that she always supports me.  Although we have very different styles of leading and managing we have the same goal – to make Village Hair Studio the best place to work and the best place to get your hair done.

Shannon is a very smart business woman.  She is also a very talented hairdresser who gave up being behind the chair to devote herself to the administration of the salon.  It is very rare in our business to have an owners behind the chair and  at the front desk.  We feel this business model allows us to customize the team experience.  The better we can take care of our team the better they can take care of their clients.  We are firm believers that a great work environment will foster creativity and long-term happiness.  Success does not bring happiness but happiness brings success!!  This is a principle we use to make all of our decisions.

Shannon is always on the lookout for new and exciting services that we can add to our menu.  Over a decade ago she wanted Village Hair Studio to be the best salon for extensions.  She has personally worked with and coached our extension artists Sebastian Raya and Heather Kennedy.  We now offer several different types of extensions and are a key Great Lengths extension salon.

Shannon also realized early on that eyelash extensions were an area that clients were interested in.  For 5 years now she has coached Brandy Eberhardt to create amazing eyelash extensions that are far superior than what is out there now.  Brandy has been trained to visually change the way others see the shape of your eyes by customizing your eyelashes.  We have over 50 choices in length, color and curvature that can be used to do for your face what a great hair cut can do!

Shannon also does a lot of research into products so that our team can confidently use and recommend anything in the salon knowing that what we choose to work with is carefully curated with the highest standards.

Shannon’s business accomplishments are far too great to list in a short blog post but I believe the long-term success of Village Hair Studio stands as a testament to her love of our business and her own personal success.