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From Red to Brown

When doing colour changes like this it is important to know what your client loves best about their hair.  For this client it is her length so when we talk about radical color changes we always need to address the long term effect on her hair because we want to keep as much length as possible.  When we first  went red she was coming from Framesi demi -permanent colour that we would do 2 – 3 times per year, with semi – regular trims and treatments.  Her hair was in pretty good shape thanks to Olaplex.  To make the red as vibrant as she wanted we needed to go with a permanent color, Framesi 2001, with a shampoo cocktail and treatment preceeding it.  The transition from red to brown was similar in that we first shampoo cock-tailed the hair to remove red – we had to do this two times on zone 1.  The red left the mid-shaft and ends fairly easily.  The brown was achieved with a level 3 Framesi demi permanent color, hair cut and treatment.  And Voila – beautiful long hair!!IMG_3352

Irresistible Peachy Pink


This is a beautiful example of the power of a great consultation.  This client originally came in wanting dark plums but after a thorough consultation using the Village Consultation, Heather determined that the client really didn’t want to go dark but thought dark was her only option for a fun color.  Heather also made sure that her client was ready and able to take care of a pastel blond and everything that is required to maintain her hair in optimal health.

This client started with 4-5 inches of natural level 6 regrowth from a full high lift color with some highlights done with  bleach.

  1.  full head bleach application to line of demarkation, started in the back with 30 vol and 20 vol in the front – lifted to level warm 9 using De Colour B Diamond Lifter
  2. Olaplex  #1
  3. pink toner – Framesi Eclectic  – 0.5 9.62 +  0.1 pure pink +  0.6 clear + basic developer 1:2
  4. peach toner – Framesi 2001  0.75 clear  +  o.25 9.43  +  10 vol (1:2)
  5. applied pink at zone 1 ( one inch) and small diamond section at crown root to end and alternated pink and peach on panels following diamond shape along each quadrant
  6. Olaplex #2

At home – Olaplex #3 once a week, Framesi Primer 11 Intense daily or with every wash, shampoo and conditioner with Color Lover Smooth Shine.








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